Late Night Drive

Some nights you just have to get away from the summer heat or take a moment to yourself. Pop this mix into your car’s virtual CD player and slip away on a starry night time cruise. The only rule: Roll your windows down.

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Here’s some commentary on a few of our favorite tracks.


If you need a moment to chill the F out but can’t get in your car and cruise to our tunes, do yourself a favor and watch the 2018 Odesza set performed at Coachella this year. Admittedly, watching DJs/Producers can be a bit of a bore for us sometimes, but Odesza creates an orchestrated experience with this set including live instruments and vocals, not just two dudes in front of a computer. We did some digging for you and you can download it here. Put it on the biggest screen in your house, turn off the lights and pour yourself a glass. Not sure how long it’ll be up, but don’t say we didn’t do anything for you!


Not sure how anyone can listen to this song and not instantly fall into a trance within just the first few beats. Glass Animals entered our hearts upon hearing it while watching View From a Blue Moon. Local Hawaiian surfer John John Florence is responsible for this beautifully shot film and features a remixed version of “Gooey” by Gilligan Moss, but the original version just oozes with chill vibes.


Off their 2005 album “Waiting for the Siren’s Call”, Krafty was the first single off the album. It was released with mixed reviews, but it strikes the 80s chord just enough for us to feel nostalgic and transport you back to your youth. 


Really, Queen, let alone Bohemian Rhapsody, needs no introduction so how about some facts you probably didn’t know?

Bohemian Rhapsody was referred to as “The Cowboy Song” by Freddie Mercury when he was writing it. That’s because when he wrote the lyric, “Mama, just killed a man”, he envisioned an old western scene.

And the opera influence in the song? As depicted in the new movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, the producer was indeed skeptical of it’s operatic nature. Even Elton John thought it was too weird to become a hit.

And our favorite fact; while the song took Freddie seven years to write and then finally to produce, the music video only took four hours to shoot, conversely, this iconic scene in Wayne’s World took 10 hours to film.


I mean, just listen to this and try not to pretend you’re cruising around in KITT from Knight Rider. This is a night time driving playlist afterall.

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