Beer Money

If you’re getting a tax refund or you owe money, this is the current soundtrack of your life. Fire up this play list before you Scrooge McDuck dive into your pool of dolla dolla bills or as you wipe your tears with the check you wrote to Uncle Sammy.

As always, here are some fun facts about some of our favorites from the playlist.


We’re not sure anything strikes up vivid nostalgic visions of the 90s quite like Nine Inch Nails does. “Head Like a Hole” was recorded in 1989 and was considered the song that eventually gave them their own identity separate from the band they were heavily influenced by: Ministry. So it’s no mistake that both the name of the band and the name of the song were inspired by a quote from Al Jourgensen, lead singer of Ministry about his own band, “Listening to Ministry is like having a nine inch nail hammered into your head like a hole.” And that’s how the epitome of our angsty youth came to be called “Nine Inch Nails”.


Released in 1973 off the “Dark Side of the Moon” album, it became the band’s first hit in the U.S.A. One fascinating fact about this song was how the cash register loop was created. Back in 1973, there weren’t many digital ways to edit music, therefore in order to “copy and paste” all the sound effects that Roger Waters collected for the loop, you had to literally splice the tape and piece it together.

CHILDISH GAMBINO I. Pink Toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)

The son of THE Danny Glover of Lethal Weapon fame, Donald Glover is beaming with talent in his own right. Also known as Childish Gambino, he got his name from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator website. You might also recognize him from being one of our favorite characters on the show “Community”. Hit song “Pink Toes” is about a young Caucasian lady (often referred to as “Pink Toes” in the south) who is struggling to appreciate the hustle of her drug dealer boyfriend. How many double meanings can you find in the lyrics of “I. Pink Toes.”? There are many.

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